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  1. FolderPlating DECKER Anlagenbau develops plating systems for many types of surface treatment such as pickling, plating, anodizing, or phosphatising.
    1. FolderPickling DECKER Anlagenbau produces customized systems for the pickling and brass dipping of copper and copper alloys using the nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide method.
    2. PagePlating DECKER Anlagenbau produces customized plating systems for innovative and efficient surface treatment.
    3. FolderSystem components DECKER Anlagenbau produces system components which round plating systems out in an intelligent manner and improve the efficiency of the plating process.
  2. FolderAutomation DECKER Anlagenbau supplies systems for the separation of silicon wafers, thereby solving one of the biggest challenges of silicon processing.
    1. PageAssembly systems With the separation system from DECKER Anlagenbau, silicon wafers can be cut and separated efficiently.
    2. PageAutomated wafer separation Gecko With the separation system from DECKER Anlagenbau, silicon wafers can be cut and separated efficiently.
  3. FolderSilicon cleaning DECKER Anlagenbau supplies systems for cleaning silicon with the best possible efficiency and minimal production costs.
    1. PagePolysilicon Chunks The polysilicon chunk etching system from DECKER Anlagenbau cleans poly and mono crystalline silicon chunks with a particularly high degree of efficiency.
    2. PageSilicon rods The rod etching system from DECKER Anlagenbau combines washing and etching, thereby processing silicon rods with a particularly high degree of efficiency.
    3. PageGranule etching The fine-grain etching system from DECKER Anlagenbau allows for efficient and clean recycling of silicon and optimal crucible filling
    4. PagePurifying gases The fully automatic absorber from DECKER Anlagenbau for separation of harmful gases is low maintenance and reduces operating costs.
    5. FolderSpecial systems DECKER Anlagenbau develops and produces specialized systems – also for the downstream production steps following silicon cleaning.
      1. PageSpin etcher With the spin etcher, DECKER Anlagenbau offers the efficient solution for high precision treatment of wafer edges.
      2. PageSemiconductor components DECKER Anlagenbau develops and produces high quality components for the high demands of the semiconductor industry.
  4. FolderService & Support DECKER Anlagenbau offers a particularly close service partnership and personal support, among other things with the secure customer area myDECKER.
    1. PageInstallation & Maintenance Important information and details on the installation, maintenance, and operation of systems by DECKER Anlagenbau.
    2. PageService Inquiry The option for submitting a service inquiry to DECKER Anlagenbau.
  5. FolderNews News from DECKER Anlagenbau on technologies, trade shows and other events regarding silicon processing and plating technology.
    1. PageNewsletter In its newsletter, DECKER Anlagenbau provides regular updates on current developments with regard to silicon cleaning and plating technology.
  6. FolderCompany DECKER Anlagenbau is the world’s leading supplier of systems for silicon cleaning and efficient plating technology.
    1. PageThe benefits to you In comparison at the international level, DECKER Anlagenbau offers many special advantages for the cleaning of silicon and for plating technology.
    2. PageContact persons The international contacts at DECKER Anlagenbau.
    3. PagePhilosophy The philosophy of DECKER Anlagenbau.
    4. PageDevelopment & production The customer is all that matters during the design and manufacturing of DECKER systems.
    5. PageHistory The company history of DECKER Anlagenbau.
    6. PageReferences The references for DECKER Anlagenbau from the areas of silicon cleaning (for photovoltaics) and plating technology.
    7. PageSustainability DECKER Anlagenbau supplies systems for the cleaning of silicon and for surface treatment (plating) which use raw materials with a particularly high degree of efficiency.