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Flexible cleaning of silicon rods (slim and feed rods).

The intelligent system for a more efficient etching process

The highly versatile rod etching system allows you to clean all types of silicon rods. An essential feature of the rod etching system is the rotating, drum-like product carrier which allows for a particularly material and resource efficient etching process.

System characteristics:

  • One unit combines rinsing and etching processes
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all types of rods
  • Completely closed system for absolute purity
  • With minimum exhaust emissions
  • special drum without shell
  • cascade rinsing method saves space and rinsing water
  • Water is reused in multifunctional rinse phases
  • Designed to increase quality standards of “µE grade silicon” to “solar grade silicon”
  • Consistently high quality due to maintenance of uniform operating conditions
  • Controlled uniform etching
  • Important process parameters are continually monitored


  • Reliable and flexible
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Saves water and electricity
  • For superlative high-quality silicon
  • Innovative drying concept
  • Specially developed barrels
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Sustainable system design
  • Individually adapted
  • Turnkey solution possible

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