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Cleaning silicon granulate for a wide range of applications.

Recycling silicon results in permanent cost reductions through use of nearly 100% of the produced Si material

When processing polycrystalline silicon or during wafer production, it is almost impossible to avoid breakage. DECKER’s innovative recycling unit ensures not a single gram of precious silicon is lost!

The granule etching unit chops down “old wafers” or wafer breakage down to a maximum size of 5 mm and cleans the surface using an acid etching process. The process is carried out using a throughfeed operation with unique vacuum technology. The minimum annual capacity of the unit is 60 kg/h x 6,600 h = 386 t p.a.

System characteristics:

  • Fully automatic chopping, etching, drying, portioning and bagging
  • Systematic extraction of harmful gases with subsequent purification
  • Bagging under clean room conditions
  • Recycling of up to 1,000 tons of granule per year
  • Extremely low consumption of chemicals and rinse water
  • Important process parameters are continually monitored


  • Have a cost-reducing effect in the long term
  • Particularly resource-saving
  • Reliable system design
  • Re-creates superlative high-quality silicon
  • Innovative drying concept
  • Individually adapted
  • Turnkey solution possible

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