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Plant recertification

All from one hand. Secure. Comprehensive. Reliable.

According to the European Machinery Directive machines and plants need to bear a CE marking for successful commissioning. This is not a problem when a new plating line is asembled.

However, what happens in case of a retrofit or major alteration? What happens when - as a result - the grandfatehr clause of a line is not in force any longer? In cases like these the CE marking has to be renewed according to the current legal stipulations. The record of legal conformity needs to be flawless throughout and therefore this task belongs in the hands of specialists. 

Hence we provide you with a complete recertification package starting with a thorough inventory to determine the necessary requirements for a successful certification process. We take care of all mandatory measures ranging from the mechanical and electrical adaptation to the compilation of the corresponding documentation without fail.

With us, you are in good hands. Because efficiency matters.