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Plating barrels and aggregates

Size, geometry, equipment and engineering made to fit.

DECKER barrels and aggregates are as individual as your requirements.

Our different barrel types distinguish themselves by

  • Larger inner volume at consistant outer diameter
  • Parts don't get caught due to seamless inner surface
  • Less carry-over because of quicker liquid exchange
  • Sturdy design on account of additional reinforcements
  • Capacity gain of multi-load compartment barrel of up to 3 times 
  • Excellent power transmission due to multiple contacting

The special DECKER polygon barrel design has multiple effects

  • Optimal mixing of the loaded parts caused by uneven polygon
    barrel design
  • Larger perforation / cross-section area without loss of stabilty
  • Ideal elctrolyte and liquid exchange

DECKER perforation

The special make of the slotted or round perforation increases the
quality and efficiency of barrel plating.

DECKER barrel aggregates

Available as single or double barrel aggregates.

Contact systems available with bulbs or multiple strips.


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