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Manganese phosphatizing line for sintered parts

Environmental conscious and cost saving.

Preservative surface  engineering strives  to meet individual  requirements just as
much as any  conventional plating line.  Even more so -  for example: Degreasing
of  the entire  surface and  subsequent coating  with a fine-grained  homgoneous
manganese phosphatizing finishing on the functional surfaces of the treated parts.

Special characteristics

  • Line dimensions: 24m x 16m
  • Transporting system: side transport cart
  • Heating: Indirect by thermal oil
  • Semi automatic regeneration for the phosphatizing tank
  • Special attention to preservative rinsing techniques

Customer value

  • Facilitation of tank cleaning, smaller tank volumes and less required
    space for the line caused by indirect heating system
  • Significant reduction of water use by efficient rinsing technique
  • Tightly closing automatic tank lids resulting in minimization of exhaust
    air and energy reduction of tank heating 
  • Considerable increasement of maintenance intervals caused by semi-automatic regenaration system


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