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Fully automated phosphatizing line for steel parts

Optimal surface characteristics. Reproduceable quality. Easy handling.

Fully automated loading and unloading, lubricating, phosphatizing,
degreasing and pickling of functional steel vehicle parts

Special characteristics

  • Fully automated plant with automatic loading and unloading
    station for fast and efficient handling of parts
  • Parallel loading and unloading of product carriers
  • Transport system: tank rim transport cart 
  • Total cycle time: 7 minutes
  • Cycle time per part: 6,5 seconds
  • Maximal plant availabilty caused by extensive automation
  • Maintenance work possible during plant operation
  • Integrated waste heat recovery

Customer value

  • Energy and cost savings resulting from efficient energy system
  • Minimal manpower required besause of fully automated loading
    and unloading station
  • Only one system supervisor necessary for operation of line
  • Large quantities achievable by parallel automated loading and
    unloading of racks
  • Clean atmosphere in production hall caused by optimized air
    intake and exhaust air system




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