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Line for phosphatizing and coating with nano particles


Combined surface engineering. Because efficiency matters.

Sometimes it just takes more to hit the spot.  For example a combined line for degreasing, rinsing and pickling with subsequent phosphatizing or nano-ceramic coating of parts made of various materials.

Special characteristics

  • Fully automated line
  • Transport system: tank rim transport cart
  • Loading and unloading station:
    - external manual rack station with cart
    - external semi automatic barrel station
  • Automated rinsing of phosphatizing tank
    by use of custom-built rinsing system

Customer value

  • Efficient environmental  conscious rinsing system to
    save resources  and to increase economies of scale
  • Combined barrel / rack-system that allows for
    parallel handling of both barrels and racks
  • Treatment of different metals: steel / aluminum
  • Higher plant availability because of significant
    reduction of maintenance times
  • Different processes applicable: phosphatizing /
    nano coating


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