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Reel-to-reel electropolishing stainless steel system


Individual solutions for individual requirements.
Meter by meter. Non-stop.

For example a reel-to-reel electropolishing line of thin Nickel-
Tungsten strip for subsequent coating with nanoparticles.

Special characteristics

  • Subdivision into separate line sections for optimized handling
  • Special reel guiding system for ideal treatment result
  • Specific clamping device prevents reel back flow
  • Intelligent system with dynamic correction of reel position for
    optimal wrapping results
  • Minimization of carryover via special scrubbing system
  • Enclosure of tanks with chemicals for efficient reduction of
    exhaust air

Customer value

  • Special attention to plant safety by extensively securing of
    loading and unloading stations
  • ergonomical and user friendly design of the line
  • Environmentally conscious and cost efficient treatment by
    minimizing carryover and exhaust air
  • Automation of reel lead-through results in homogenous
    treatment results 


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