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Enclosed automated cleaning line for aluminum structure parts

Efficient cleaning - Enclosed. Automated. Reliable.

Nowadays high-strength aluminum structure parts for vehicle manufacturing are glued together. Hence, the close cooperation of vehicle development, adhesive and chemical suppliers as well as plant manufacturer is absolutely necessary to reach optimized, reproduceable adhesive joints.

Special characteristics

  • Loading / unoading: manual or automated possible
  • Enclosed process areas within the plant
  • High bath circulation: 4 - 5 times per hour
  • Parts per product carrier: 6 - 12 (depending on the size of the part)
  • Product carrier with special construction for optimzed handling of parts
  • Sparate media center

Customer value

  • Simple integration in production hall with enclosed prcess areas and automated loading and unloading station
  • Process areas also accessable for maintenance and inspection during automatic mode
  • Reliable automated loading and unloading of product carriers with
    custom-fitted brackets for parts
  • Well-thought-out placement inside the product carriers as protection against the complete drainage of liquids during lifting
  • Safe and easy handling of chemicals with separate media center





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