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Cleaning and passivating plant for aluminum production parts

Cleaning systems in vehicle manufacturing -
Cost-saving. Energy-efficient. Well-thought-out.

Cleaning as preparation for welding of aluminum parts in the automobile industry:
to achieve optimal, reproduceable welded joints vehicle development, production, chemical supplier and plant manufacturer have to cooperate closely.

Special characteristics

  • Elevated plant
  • Cycle time: 5 minutes                           
  • Number of lines: 2               
  • Number of transport carts: 6
  • Number of loading and unloading stations: 6
  • Integrated waste heat recovery

Customer value

  • Consistant product quaility by extensive automated process control in
    the tanks, recycling of chemicals and high recirculation performance
  • Clean atmosphere in production hall caused by optimized supply and exhaust air system
  • Energy and cost savings by integrated waste heat recovery
  • Comprehensive quality control supported by the documentation of the entire production process with all relevant parameters of the plant
  • Efficient placement of components within the plant - ranging from bath positions, storage tanks and dryers to loading and unloading stations - ensures smooth process flow
  • Short cycle times and optimized utilization of transport carts


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