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Anodizing and bright-plating plant for decorative aluminum parts

Decorative coating united with optimized corrosion protection.

Coating of  decorative aluminum  vehicle parts  needs to meet  two main
requirements: immaculate surfacesof long-lasting quality and functionality.

Special characteristics

  • Number of lines: 2 (process and storage line)
  • Number of transport carts: 8
  • Loading and unloading stations integrated with lifts operating
    on two floor levels
  • Exact bath control and concentration monitoring in tanks
  • Special attention to extensive rinsing technique

Customer value

  • Functional and  maintenance efficient  placement of  plant
    components within tight space of existing production hall
  • Optimized material flow in small area reached by loading
    and unloading via lifts
  • Immaculate decorative shining surfaces by minutely
    adjustable metering systems
  • Innovative rinsing technique results in significant
    prolongation of corrosion protection 


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