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Lecture and Barbeque at the BG Nürnberg Summer Party presented by DECKER

On June 27, 2017, DECKER was invited not only to be the  speaker at the monthly lecture evening of the DGO Nürnberg but also to organize and sponsor the summer party following the speech. With more than 50 guests the event was well attended. The guests enjoyed the event and the barbeque lasted well into the night.

In the beginning Claus Polte, head of sales at DECKER, held a presentation in the auditorium of the technical school. The lecture with the title “Incividualized Automation in the plating industry” gave insight about the numerous automation possibilities in the area of plating and the subsequent necessary considerations in the course of implementation. The subject of the lecture attracted a large audience which consisted of an interesting mixture ranging from apprentices, specialists, department and business area leaders to COEs and company owners.

After the presentation the guests moved to the courtyard of the school to enjoy sizzling meat skewers, sausages, turkey steaks and vegetarian vegetable sticks with refreshing cold beverages. Once again we woulkd like to extend a big “Thank You” to the DECKER barbeque team, especially to Heinz Bergdoll who came all the way to Nürnberg to prepare his famous and truly outstanding meat skewers and to Manfred Hoos who organized the beverage supply.

Besides of a little passing rain the weather held perfectly and many guests stayed long after the moon made his appearance between the clouds.

Hence, the presentation followed by the summer party turned out to be a successful and entertaining evening. Next year once again DECKER will sponsor and organize the DGO summer party. We cordially invite you to the event and we’re looking forward to welcoming you in Nürnberg next year!

Picture Gallery of Presentation and the DGO Nurnberg Summer Party 2017: