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Data protection information

Your data is important to us and we will handle it with absolute confidentiality.

We thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Decker Anlagenbau.

We take the protection of personal data very seriously and want you to feel secure when you visit our website. We process personal data, which is requested when our websites are visited, in accordance with provisions of the law, especially of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Teleservice Data Protection Act (TDDSG).

If you should have any further questions regarding data protection
please contact us directly at:

Please also see our disclaimer.

How does DECKER Anlagenbau process personal data?
At various locations on our web pages we offer you the opportunity to contact us or make use of certain services (e.g. newsletter subscription). We use the transferred personal data only for the purpose for which it is given to us. Your data will not be passed on to a third party.

What is personal data?
Personal data is information which makes it possible to identify a person. It particularly includes your real name, date of birth, address and telephone number. Information which cannot be associated with your real identity (e.g. preferred websites or the number of users of a site) is not personal data (see also below: “Is data recorded during my visit?”).

How do we protect the transfer of personal data?
To guarantee the confidentiality of our communication, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding. According to current state-of-the art, 128 bit encoding may be regarded as secure. This level of security is achieved by all recent browser releases. You may have to update the browser on your PC.

Which data is requested?
If it is possible to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, and addresses) on the website, the disclosure of such data by the user is done so solely on a voluntary basis. The use of all available services is permissible without the disclosure of such data, or by providing data anonymously or via a pseudonym, if technically possible and acceptable. However, by providing optional data accurately you are enabling us to service your requirements on a personal and individual basis.

Is the confidentiality of email correspondence contact form guaranteed?
In the event case you would like to contact Decker Anlagenbau by email or contact form we have to point out that the confidentiality of the transferred information may not be guaranteed despite encoding (see above: “How do we protect the transfer of personal data?”). The content of emails can be read by third parties. Therefore we recommend you send us your confidential information by post only.

Is data recorded during my visit?
When a user accesses any page of our internet site and when a file is retrieved, this access data will be stored on our server.

  • IP address
  • Site from which the file was retrieved
  • Date, time
  • Browser type and settings
  • Operating system
  • The site visited by you
  • Amount of transferred data
  • Access status (file transmitted, file not found etc.)

Statistics are generated with this data to help us to adapt our internet pages to your requirements. These statistics can only be traced back to a person if you register yourself directly onto our site or access our website from a personalized site. However, in no event will the data or part of it be made available to any third parties.

Do you use cookies?
No cookies are used on our website. A “session ID” is used to identify a person during an access session on our website. No data is saved on your computer. The session ID is automatically erased after access is ceased or will expire if you do not access our web pages for a period of 30 minutes.

Do I have an influence on the use of my data?
Of course you have the exclusive right to decide whether and for what purpose we can use your data. For example, you have the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter. You can also cancel the subscription at any time. Normally, a corresponding link is placed at the end of the newsletter which allows you to unsubscribe without any problems. Apart from that, you decide whether we can use your data for advice, advertising and market research. Naturally you can revoke your consent at any time as well.

Do you transfer my data to third parties?
Personal data is used by us only for internal purposes in the course of our customer relations. Any transfer to third parties requires your consent. The collection of personal data and its transfer to governmental institutions or authorities having the right to receive information are only carried out in accordance with corresponding laws or if we are obliged by way of a court order. All employees and contractors are bound by Decker Anlagenbau to preserve secrecy and to adhere to the data protection regulations.

How can I check, correct or erase my data?
According to § 34 and § 6b BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) users are entitled to be informed about their saved personal data free of charge. In addition, users have the right to correct, block or erase their personal data in accordance with the legal regulations. In these cases, please contact Mr. Bernhard Hilliges directly.

Can this data protection statement also be changed?
In the event of new developments, as e.g. amendments to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), we will update this data protection statement if necessary.