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Good reasons to choose DECKER Anlagenbau.

Silicon processing and plating technology with more capabilities.

1. More efficient production
DECKER develops and manufactures units that make your production more efficient because they are developed using a wealth of expertise and love for detail and are tailored to your specific requirements.

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2. Low power consumption
DECKER units on average consume considerably less power than corresponding competing products. So you can permanently reduce your production costs to a minimum.

3. Reduced water demand
DECKER silicon cleaning units need very little water so here again you can reduce your costs considerably and sustainably.

4. Integral units
DECKER never considers one production phase in isolation but always as whole process. By this means we ensure that your production is efficient and the quality of your products constantly high.

5. Individual concepts
DECKER units are always designed to be modular, scalable and completely flexible. So your system can always be precisely adjusted to your products, your quality standards and local conditions.

6. Innovative technologies
DECKER consistently develops new, innovative products based on highly intelligent solutions and creative ideas. You benefit from this financially and in qualitative terms.

7. International performance & personal proximity
DECKER serves large and small sized customers around the globe – personally, expertly and closely. Our service knows no limits and we are always ready and waiting to listen to your questions.

8. “Made in Germany” quality
DECKER’s production is exclusively located in Germany and is based on the highest standards of quality implemented by highly motivated, experienced and intensively skilled employees. For durable units with economic sustainability.

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