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What DECKER Anlagenbau is looking for.

This is what the optimal application looks like

As innovative and growing company in the wet chemical plant manufacturing industry, we are always looking for dynamic, creative employees who find new solutions and are able to implement them successfully.

What is essential to us:

  • Your knowledge (technologies, expert knowledge, methods)
  • Your experience (profession, projects, wet chemistry, plastics)
  • Your skills (creativity, ability to work in a team, customer focus)

How your application should appear:

DECKER does not make any special requirements regarding your application. Please observe the common formal rules, spelling rules and appropriate forms of address. Always keep in mind that the application is your business card by which you initially introduce yourself without being personally present. So be precise!

How to contact us:

  • By email to Robert Fuchs, Managing Director, at r.fuchs@decker-anlagenbau.de
  • by post to DECKER Anlagenbau GmbH, Mr. Robert Fuchs, Wegscheid 1a, 92334 Berching