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Fully automated loading and unloading system.

Turnkey plant solution secures long term performance.

Avoiding interfaces is easy - for example with the design and assembly of
a fully automated loading and unloading station for a DECKER manganese
phosphatizing unit in one complete package.

Special charactristics:

  • Delivery of trays with parts on a conveyor belt
  • Collection and exact placement of trays in a fixture
  • Fully automated transport of fixture below product carrier
  • Mounting of trays and fastening into product carrier
  • Parallel loading and unloading system: Unloading of
    finishied goods immediately followed by loading of
    unfinished  goods into  the emptied  spot
  • Transport of finished goods to unloading station
  • Automated removal and drop-off of finished goods
    into a transportation container by robot
  • Transport  of the now  empty fixture  to the loading
    position for reloading and restart of production cycle

Customer value:

  • Turnkey plant solution including automization from one hand -
    one partner for everything
  • Optimized degree of capacity utilization by continuos parallel
    loading and unloading of product carriers
  • Closed automatic circuit starting with assembly step in the
    beginning until unloading of parts at the end of the process


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