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Automated loading and unloading station for aluminum structure parts


Infinite integration. All from one hand.
Cycle after cycle after cycle...

Automation means  finding solutions  for all kinds of  challenges. In this case:
feeding product carriers with aluminum automobile parts of different geometry
by robots with one single gripper.

Special characteristics

  • Aluminum structure parts are transferred from the preceding production station and loaded onto the DECKER pickling line
  • Fully automated loading and unloading of the product carriers with aluminum structure parts by robots
  • Automated feeding of the parts to the next machining station at the
    end of the process line
  • The interfaces to the control system and the integration directly before
    and after the pickling unit completetely designed and manufactured by DECKER

Customer value

  • Special set-up of loading and unloading station insures full integration
    of pickling unit into multi-stage production process of automobile parts
  • Robots pick up various aluminum structure parts für different types of vehicles with one single gripper
  • No changeover necessary between different charges
  • The procurement of automization and line engineering from one single source leads to the minimization of interfaces: all from one hand - one partner for everything.


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