• DECKER celebrated with a Plating Day and hands-on Engineering Technology!

    At DECKER, we celebrated our 125th company anniversary with a live demonstration of 5 Galvanik-facilities and interesting presentations of well-known specialists in the business of plating engineering.

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  • When Visions Become Reality

    DECKER is one of the global leaders in the field of manufacturing systems for wet chemical processes. Today our focus is on plating. State-of-the-art technology and highest demands for safety and quality are our benchmarks.

    DECKER manufactures systems that speak for themselves! Where lower operating costs and higher product quality go hand in hand.

  • Single Source Turnkey Solutions

    DECKER also shows highest competence in providing, preparing and post-processing the process media in use. Our DECKER specialists, the cooperation with renowned chemical manufacturers and strictest technical directives warrant sustaining and reliable success for your investments.

  • Customized Systems

    DECKER combines wet chemical process technology with testing technology, automation, logistics and much more - all flexible and according to the requirements and conditions on customer's site. Test our competence. Challenge us!

  • Including Innovations

    Systems from DECKER set benchmarks. Our specialists do a double take, and if necessary, even more. In doing this, we seek for the best solutions for the demanding needs of our customers. And sometimes the result looks different from what was primarily supposed.

  • Plant Construction With Maximum Efficiency

    We design and manufacture systems for the most efficient processing of silicon to achieve optimum efficiency and minimum operating costs. I addition to the separation of wafers, we deliver systems for etching all conceivable form of silicon: Granulate, slim rods and polysilicon chunks.